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Musician. Singer. Songwriter.

Smoke Signals from

Machiavellian Europe

Jaron Reid Raven’sky, is part first-nation Canadian, with his roots both in the wide-open prairies of Alberta and the towns of Europe. Life’s emotional calluses have handed him a luminous and lusty grit passion that seeps through every song on this 25-track album.  Three years, three studios, three lives, these songs.

Mountain villages, cosmopolitan European cities and scruffy Spanish boots. Jaron’s musical insights invade and enliven your senses, his impassioned renditions getting right to your bones like hot chicken soup. A strong soul shuffling from darkness to light. The lyrics entangling gentle insidious candor of a gifted story teller arresting his audience around a camp fire, entrancing each admire as though it was Just You and Just Him with Light of the Moon.
A sly foxy smoothness metamorphosing, into crescendo cries of a wolf alone. Showcasing Jaron’s ability to move between intensity and levity, in turn wallowing in the dark chambers of the soul and occasionally erupting into earthy high spirits. Some of them edge into a world of murky sorrow; others lift you up on eagle wings. Love’n all things pure, Jaron creates a passionate, naked attitude as he treats the keyboard, medicine drum and guitar, like a lover. Cappuccino-filled towns whisper to him, the flat prairies call him back again. “He moved me from numbness to ecstasy simultaneously. I want to hear him again and again”.

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Three Years – Three Studios – Three Lives


25 Song  Double Album from the  artist

Jaron Reid Raven^sky


Standing Tall Music announces pending release of the Double Album from artist Jaron Reid Raven^sky aka Jaron Rovensky.  After Jaron’s long walkabout break, roaming the spacious Alberta Prairies, we are especially proud to announce the Twenty-Five songs bunched as American-Roots-Folk Pop… Rusty and Velvet. The “gut” European Swedish PR Company Hemifran, www.hemifran.com  starts promotion in a few weeks.  A North American release is planned for later date down the road. The CD  album launches with a 16-page color extravaganza booklet for his fans…a collectors CD.


A road of enlighten, pain and brawling fun.

„I Can’t Take The Darkness Anymore“


…this life capability for his songs to find their way into the secret places of the soul where hope resides … a "gut "jarring double Album…